Michael J. Lee photography

The com­ple­tion of a suc­cess­ful design project is a time of joy­ful cel­e­bra­tion,  but it’s almost never a sim­ple mat­ter to arrive at that place. Larger design projects in par­tic­u­lar, can be very stress­ful and dis­rup­tive for you and your fam­ily, and often cost more than you planned to spend.

There can be hun­dreds of details for your designer to be on top of and about which you have to make deci­sions. And, things do go wrong — prod­uct arrives later than expected, per­haps dam­aged, per­haps the wrong style or color — and that can throw every­one off their game. A good designer is your advo­cate, your prob­lem solver, and will keep you informed all along the way, address­ing the lit­tle prob­lems before they become big ones. A good designer will keep a cool head while attack­ing the prob­lem, not the peo­ple, and keep things mov­ing for­ward. My num­ber one job as your design advi­sor is to lis­ten to you — your wishes, your con­cerns — and to demon­strate to you, as your project moves for­ward, that I under­stand your vision and your goals.

Our team will help you be well pre­pared for your project by keep­ing you in the loop at all times. We’ll help you to antic­i­pate events, to under­stand how things hap­pen and keep you apprised of who’s doing what and in what order.

Design Coach’s ser­vice, Con­sul­ta­tion by the Hour, might be all you need to move for­ward with a project you’ve already started.